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Tagged With: Boat Repairs

Oops, kerplunk!

There went the very large heavy piece of glass that we were trying to get back in the window frame; right into the water as we both watched it disappear out of sight.  Now we have a rather large problem on our hands with no glass in half the window and tropical storm Debbie brewing.  … Continue reading »

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“Honey, why do I hear water running in the master stateroom?”

(At 11PM is when all of this started.) Stan says, “Hang on, I’ll be there in a bit”. So, after waiting a bit and listening to this water continuing to run I went and dragged him down to take a look.  Once we got a flashlight in there, low and behold water was gushing into … Continue reading »

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Slaving away…

Well, it is keeping me busy and out of trouble although I think I was on bleach overload the other day.  At least when I am busy I am not bitching at Stan about this mess as we are still under construction.  Between him still having too much stuff and everything pulled apart with the … Continue reading »

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Yea, Honey I’m Coming Home

It’s nice to get away, especially when I get to spend some time with the Grand-kids and friends but….. I am so looking forward to coming home tomorrow.  Finally a lot has been going on while I was away and it sounds like I would have only been in the way if I was there.  … Continue reading »

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Engine Work has begun…..

After 2 Days of disassembling, the pieces of the starboard engine are coming off the boat for the overhaul.  Hopefully we will be done with repairs and out of the boat yard in a month.  (I was going to comment how nice the teak rails were looking from the 1st picture until I noticed in … Continue reading »

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