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Running out of time and/or never enough time!

Posted by on May 16, 2012

After being stuck in the boat yard for 2.5 months and as we head into the latter part of May we are all jammed up.  We have to be out of FL by June 1st for insurance purposes and there are still 21 items that should get done before we begin our travels north.  These 21 items are only part of the 119 items on our “To Do” list.   This bronchitis that has been kicking my butt for the past month is certainly not helping the situation.  Our friend Conrad has been aboard for a week now trying to help us knock off some of these items but it always seems to be such a slow go for various reasons.

So we begin our travels next Monday heading to Cape Canaveral.  We need to be there mid week next week to have the bow thruster installed.  I guess we just keep plugging away with the list and maybe I can find some way to keep my anxiety at bay.

2 Responses to Running out of time and/or never enough time!

  1. MasterPlan

    Joe, Stan says no free anything on this one and will be costing us quite a few big boat units. All is well on this end, just constant boat stuff. We start moving Monday and will try and get as far north while we have Conrad here as crew. Hope all ok with you. Are you getting to your boat much? Miss you!

  2. Joe Purcell

    BOW THRUSTER????? Hey Karen, ask Stan if he got a free pair of panties and a lipstick with that bow thruster!! ha ha ha ha… I’m just kidding… (well, I’m a little serious :-)
    hope all is well