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Honey, we have a problem!

Posted by on January 29, 2012

Honey, “I just went to the bathroom and now the toilet won’t flush.”  So as the troubleshooting begins we are wondering if we could have filled the holding tank in 5 days.  None of the toilets are working.  200 gallon holding tank that was supposed to have been empty on Monday?  Stan say, “well,  have to cancel the company coming for dinner.”  Nope, it’s our first company aboard and I think my cousin will understand.  Did warn her though when she said she was leaving her house to come empty.

Of course it is Saturday night and this area has no mobile pump out service.  This will now mean on Sunday we have to back this boat out of the slip (which we have not attempted yet) and go next door to the pump out tank.  As I look at these pilings with all these lines trying to figure out how we get this boat out of the slip and then supposedly back in again, I just shake my head.  Neither of us have ever had to deal with pilings so they are a new beast for us.

Honey, “why are the lights not working?” once Leigh is aboard and we sit down for cocktails.  More troubleshooting and find out port engine is dead and charger is off.  Finally find what needs to be turned back on in the engine room and we wait.  Nothing — no toilets, no engine!

We make it through dinner and a bottle of wine later, now what???  Of course the restrooms at the marina need a card which of course we don’t have.  And the saga continues……

Next morning, I wait not to patiently until the Dockmaster arrives so I can get a key.  So toilet paper in hand (you have to supply your own for their restrooms???) I set off across the parking lot.  Key doesn’t work so back I go.  “Oh, that was the men’s room I was trying to get into?”  Finally get in, out and back to the boat!!!

Stan heads out to Lowe’s to get an electrical meter to try and figure out what is going on and where the problem is.  Of course, no tools on board yet make it difficult to isolate the problem.  Get’s back with the meter and we finally find the scissors to open the packaging and guess what?  Defective meter, so off he heads to Lowe’s again, grumbling all the way…..

stay tuned….

PS: the culprit was a loose fuse holder!  We can flush once again, yeah!!

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