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3 Responses to Subscribe

  1. Lin Earley

    Hi Guys, know you are ejoying Key West, where are you staying? We are looking for ideas for next winter as Susan retires in June and we hope to cast off in October headed south for the winter. Our best Lin and Susan

  2. MasterPlan

    Hi Russ, welcome aboard. The Hatteras LRC’s are great boats for cruising and the size would be great for your family. If you are planning on doing the Loop you need to be mindful of the height of the boat as our boat is too tall for some parts of it. You might want to go to Trawlers & Trawlering at and subscribe to their Great Loop List at You will gets all kinds of great information. You might also want to subscribe on the same site to T&T posting as we have found that extremely helpful. You will get tons of information from both these sites and it comes to you via email. Stay in touch.


  3. Russ & Teresa Jefferson

    Hey Guys, hope you day has started off well. We have been looking at yachts to fit our future needs as a live aboard. At Trawler Fest in Florida this year we were directed to look at Hatteras Yachts between 1970-1990. Because we have adopted two children ages 4 & 5 and yet we are about ready to retire. We wanted the best of all worlds, 3 staterooms, large living areas, 2 engines, sea worthy, and safe. Our plans are to home school and travel the loop and islands off Florida. Your boat looks Fantastic and seems it would fit our need! I have looked at the 53 foot and 58 foot as the size and price range we need to be in.
    My hope is to gain information from you as you travel and experience the Hatteras Yacht. Love to tag along with you on your Adventures aboard Masterplan, if thats OK.
    Thanks Russ

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