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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Oops, kerplunk!

There went the very large heavy piece of glass that we were trying to get back in the window frame; right into the water as we both watched it disappear out of sight.  Now we have a rather large problem on our hands with no glass in half the window and tropical storm Debbie brewing.  … Continue reading »

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Quite a bit of excitement that we missed

We were away from the boat this evening when a squall came through. When we got back we pulled into the marina parking lot and the Fire Dept truck was there with the lights on.  As we walked down the dock we could see the bike and kayak bag hanging out there and note to … Continue reading »

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4:30 AM wake up call???

Well, we found out that at 5 AM when we were hoping to leave Jekyll Island, GA there is still not enough light to find our way out through the creek channel.  Turned into a 6AM exit from the dock.  Fortunately for us (unfortunately for them), we woke our neighbor’s on Mis Gayle and they … Continue reading »

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