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Oops, kerplunk!

Posted by on June 23, 2012

There went the very large heavy piece of glass that we were trying to get back in the window frame; right into the water as we both watched it disappear out of sight.  Now we have a rather large problem on our hands with no glass in half the window and tropical storm Debbie brewing.  Surprisingly we were able to find a diver on a Saturday night at 7PM.  With 5 knots of current running through here and 20 foot depths he’s looking for a 1/4″ thick 3 X 3 pane of glass in the muck.  I was working on replacing the glides and fuzzies and painting the window frame when this happened.  We were almost done and quite exhausted after the window work and Stan’s gymnastics of trying to install a shower pump in the crawl space under the floor of the V Birth and then this oh shit moment happens!  This was my 3 day project on one of the 2 windows that needs to be re-done.  We are leaving for Charleston tomorrow with a very large open window and will have to find some place to have this very odd shaped piece of tempered glass made.  Oh, and that needs to be done before “Debbie” or the other Tropical Low brewing descends on us.  Stan jinxed us when he commented “watch us drop this thing”!

Now it’s 9PM and the diver has given up hopes of finding our glass.  Another very long day tomorrow as we move north to Charleston.  I guess we will be seeing how well taped up garbage bags work at keeping the rain out later this week.



2 Responses to Oops, kerplunk!

  1. otisguy

    oh man sorry to hear that? Put on some scuba gear and go get that thing? can you hire someone- boat cleaning guy to come out for $50-$100 to bring it back up to surface?
    Perry- Hey Stan sorry i didn’t respond about pump- I didn’t know- it is a Centrifugal pump

  2. conrad

    Oh man, it never ends! I’ve been enjoying my “simple if you don’t have it,it can’t break” boat since I got back. Have a fun race coming up this next weekend. Best of luck on your trip to Charleston-a city I enjoyed.