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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Inhaling Teak dust

Now that I finally have decent internet with the addition of an Air Card I thought I was pretty special that I could work from the boat today.  (Lately I have been using desk space in the yard so I could access the internet).  After hours of hearing sanding noise and inhaling teak dust I … Continue reading »

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Box by Box, Bit by Bit!

Stan is working away at HIS Pod.  Thankfully the other one is now empty!      

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Is all this line necessary????

All this line is what came out of the cockpit lazarette.  Mind you, this has nothing to do with the additional line that is coiled on the bow OR the 350’ of anchor line that is stored under our bed in the master stateroom.  Was there a line fetish somewhere in Masterplan’s history???  Stan is … Continue reading »

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Our trip from Satellite Beach to Stuart via Google Earth

My first attempt with Google Earth…  

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Honey, what were we thinking?

As they say, a picture tells the story! All of our stuff arrived from CA in these two Pods and now the very difficult task of bringing all this stuff up the little ladder and through the skinny door has begun.  It is like trying to shovel shit uphill into a sausage. One Pod emptied … Continue reading »

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