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Inhaling Teak dust

Posted by on February 27, 2012

Now that I finally have decent internet with the addition of an Air Card I thought I was pretty special that I could work from the boat today.  (Lately I have been using desk space in the yard so I could access the internet).  After hours of hearing sanding noise and inhaling teak dust I figured that I better pick my head up and pay some attention to what is going on.  I think these pictures show that I should never have looked up from what I was doing.































One of my new boat jobs downstream will be the maintaining all of this teak which is why I figured I should pay attention.  Hopefully, once the yard puts down the clear epoxy barrier coat onto the teak, my job will be easier.  They will finish the varnish this time but once the sun wears it down I will be the one to apply the new coats of varnish when needed.

Thankfully I didn’t sign up for this part of the process as I would have found myself in way over my head.

Now, time to get back to work so I can earn a living.  Tonight’s task will be to get almost everything in the aft salon removed or covered as they are sanding the interior portion of the teak rails.  Stan better find a tarp in his POD pretty quick and let’s hope there is plenty of wine for the task.







3 Responses to Inhaling Teak dust

  1. Gale

    hi there, outstanding post, and a very good understand! at least one for my bookmarks.

  2. MasterPlan

    Yup, and it will be my job to keep them looking great! (Gulp)

  3. Jacob

    Looks like its coming along great! She’s going to look great when she’s done.