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Honey, what were we thinking?

Posted by on February 15, 2012

As they say, a picture tells the story!

All of our stuff arrived from CA in these two Pods and now the very difficult task of bringing all this stuff up the little ladder and through the skinny door has begun.  It is like trying to shovel shit uphill into a sausage.

One Pod emptied into the sausage…
There was a galley in there
Being overtaken…
The aft store room….
Ziplocks anyone?
Stan sweating away!!!
Making progress but still a ways to go.  One Pod empty and 90% stowed.  The other Pod of boat stuff, tools and junk is Stan’s problem and we’ll see what happens there.

4 Responses to Honey, what were we thinking?

  1. MasterPlan

    Stan says no on reducing the zip-locks. Mind you that pile is down from the all time high when we moved onto the Catamaran. We haven’t bought a box of zip-locks in 4 years. He keeps telling me I will appreciate them when we are in the Caribbean and can’t find any.

  2. Barb Jervciss

    WOW!! Looks like your making great progress. Just an idea, but maybe you want to reduce the amount of Zip Lock baggies?? Too funny!!

  3. dave

    Karen / Stan

    Looks like your making headway.
    When we pulled all the shit off Argonauta and piled it in the garage it looked like there was no way it would fit going back onto the boat, but it did come off…….

    Dave & Mary

  4. Jacob

    GREAT POST!!!! How’s life aboard?