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Quite a bit of excitement that we missed

Posted by on June 11, 2012

We were away from the boat this evening when a squall came through.

When we got back we pulled into the marina parking lot and the Fire Dept truck was there with the lights on.  As we walked down the dock we could see the bike and kayak bag hanging out there and note to self that I better go secure them.  Still not realizing that we were the reason they were there, we walked past the fire men and one says “is this your boat?”

The wind caused the cleat to rip out of the marina dock and our bow swung out 40 degrees and almost hit another boat. Thankfully some fast moving neighbors got a line on our boat and got it corralled.  The chain reaction pulled 2 power hookups off their bases and toppled. The bike and kayak on our flybridge almost slid off.  Inside, a bunch of stuff was toppled over and the TV was at the end of its arm mount.  No damage to our boat but the marina has a bit of repairs to be done.

Never dull around here….


2 Responses to Quite a bit of excitement that we missed

  1. MasterPlan

    How well you know your buddy Stan. I always said that I was the weather jinx and once again this proves it. You should have a wonderful summer as I won’t be in the state any time soon. Hot and steamy here!

  2. JP

    Be sure to tie down that bike extra tight Karen… if it falls off the boat, Stan will need to spend weeks on Ebay trying to find a replacement for $4… ha ha ha ha
    We had no May Gray this year in Ventura, and almost no June Gloom… you guys continue to be our good luck charms… as long as you are on the East Coast 😉 (just kidding)…. stay safe and hang on… sound like you are having a blast!