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Newport and Cuttyhunk– Pictures of our travels

Posted by on August 15, 2012

Last week found us in Newport RI among the BIG boats and the 20+ birds that pooped all over our forward decks.  What a mess that created and to try and cleanup was no easy feat.  The salt water wash down decided not to work and we are running low on fresh water.  Stan and I did a bucket brigade to get the chunks off and now we need to find a good bird poop stain remover for the rest of it.  Check out our pictures of Newport.

Cuttyhunk is this quaint New England Island, part of the Elizabeth Islands which are 12 miles off the coast of Massachusetts.  15 brave souls live on the island year round and there are  2 kids attending the one room elementary school that is K-8.  Of course population swells during the summer and the mode of transportation seems to be walking or via golf carts with the ferry visiting once a day!  We heard about the great breakfast served at the Cuttyhunk Fish Camp so this morning we set out in the dinghy and about the time we made it to the town landing it was starting to rain, then it started to poured.  Our walk there was quite a bit farther than expected and we were thrilled when someone in their golf cart stopped and asked it we wanted a lift.  3 wet adults in the front seat plus 2 umbrellas was a bit unusual but we managed.  Soaked to our bones we finally arrived, looking like two drowned rats.  Once inside it was exactly like when Teddy Roosevelt used to go there to fish.

Here is an interesting article on the history of the Island:

Here are pictures we took around the Island:

Tomorrow we head off for Kingman Yacht Center in Cataumet MA which is on Cape Cod.

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