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When is big, too BIG???

Posted by on October 14, 2012

We missed our weather window for leaving Stamford CT and going on a straight shot into Hampton VA on Friday as we were having way to much fun in NYC.  On Friday when we got back to the boat, the plan was to leave Saturday morning with Eric and Xavier on board to do the transit back through NY and into Staten Island.  At 5 am on Saturday, when I read the prior days weather brief (that I should have read Friday), I realized that it was a no go.  Stan didn’t put up too much of a fight as it only took him about a nano second to roll over and go back to sleep.  I was disappointed that E & X would miss out on doing the Hell Gate transit around NYC.

Now we will have big wind and waves this week off of Jersey and Delaware coast from TS Rafael that will churn up the seas as it heads north, although well offshore.  Maybe we are looking at a good window opening next Saturday.  Today, as I was pouring over weather reports and alternative routing with small jumps down the coast I kept seeing these different daily forecasts with anywhere from 20-30 knot winds and seas from 3-5 and 5-8 feet on different days .  So my question is when are seas too big to venture out?   Can I handle 3-5 foot as I know 5-8 foot is out of the question?  Will it be worse than predicted?  Probably!  Would I rather be stuck here in CT or Great Kills, NY?  I know Stan and he will push to go as his tolerance is greater than mine.  Not really sure that just “following along” with him will be a good thing this time.

As a wiser person than us stated later today:

“It’s better to be at anchor wishing you were at sea than at sea wishing you were at anchor. Don’t rush or think “how bad could it be?”

Funny, as I had asked myself numerous times this morning, how bad could it be?  Maybe we need to re-think our plan to leave on Tuesday and wait this thing out.  Do I really want us to get spanked by Mother Nature?

Stay tuned…..




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