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Honey, help I’m stuck!

Posted by on February 8, 2012
Can someone please help me out of this closet?  I know there are a few too many pounds around here (especially after living 2 months on the road) but this is embarrassing.  A wiggle this way and another wiggle any other way isn’t working.  What was I thinking to have crawled into this space that is supposed to pass as a closet, paint brush in hand?  Even more embarrassing to say is that finally getting the headlights out of the way is what finally got me unstuck.
What started out as a usual task when moving into a new place (new shelf liners) turned into quite the undertaking.  Facing empty cabinets I thought I could just blow through cleaning them and put new squishy liner down.  Better to do it now before our stuff arrives from CA.  Off to WalMart for cleaner and shelf liner.  Ok, get home and realized no rags and paper towel isn’t cutting it.  Back to WalMart and while there checked out step stools but they didn’t have the kind I thought I needed.  Home again to begin peeling out the old shelf liners with some coming out easier than others.  Why would anyone paint over shelf liner is beyond me but I guess that fingernails work as well as anything else to pick and peel away.
Cleaning goes relatively quickly until I can’t reach half the areas.  My trip to buy my step stool took me to Lowe’s twice and Target twice to finally get one that was high enough (but not too big) collapsed small enough (now quite but finally gave up).  Hours later after getting lost twice and a $254 speeding ticket did not help the mood of the day.
Finally cleaned out all the cabinets, pantries and closets throughout the boat but then determined that unfortunately, they really need to be painted.  All of them!  Since the cabinets will never be empty again until we move off the boat I bit the paint brush and got to work.   More trips to WalMart for painting supplies and then off to Home Depot for paint.  I knew better than to get the paint at Home Depot but didn’t listen to myself.  Picked a Behr primer and paint combo and swore through the whole job.
Anyway, that is how I ended up in this skinny closet on my side with paint brush in hand, STUCK!  The fact that I needed to be a skinny midget with very long arms that could paint right and left handed throughout this whole job didn’t help.  Ah, but the glass of wine at the end of each day did.  If I hadn’t looked like a train wreck I would have had Stan take my picture with the paint in my hair that outlined my whole face.  The rest of me was pretty covered as well.  Many days later and only getting kinda stuck once more under the kitchen sink (these cabinets go back a very long way) and I am done for now.  All but one cabinet is done cause that one we found a substantial leak during our monsoon rains on Sunday.  Shelf liner is done and looking good.  Now we just have to figure out where all of this stuff from California is supposed to fit.

One Response to Honey, help I’m stuck!

  1. Jacob

    I love your blog. Keep up the great posts. Can you give us a walk through of her? We would love to see some of the interior. She’s beautiful.