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We made it into Norfolk!

Posted by on July 12, 2012

Woo Hoo, who would have thought we could have made it this far.  To date we have traveled 992 nautical miles and our/my confidence is building.  We did the jump from Charleston to Morehead City NC, then Hatteras, then Norfolk with only a few small hiccups along the way.  Some of the interesting things that happened along our trek were; we found a great town concert in Morehead City while out for a walk, got into some very skinny water coming into Hatteras and got attacked by killer flies in Pamlico Sound, NC.  Stan was in his glory swatting away with his electric flyswatter (which is the size of a tennis racquet).  He killed hundreds of them during our very hot transit across the Sound.  As the carcasses piled up I had to keep getting the broom out and sweep the dead flies off the flybridge.  It seems that the only thing in Pamlico Sound were the flies and those suckers bite.  Who would have thought that it was such a desolate area?  We were traveling along and had not seen another boat for hours when we see this off in the distance.  I kept telling Stan to move over in the channel to give it room as it was coming towards us.  Didn’t I feel foolish when we got closer and could see this relic hadn’t moved in years?  Looked like something out of Water World.  He happened to be parked near a sunken vessel that had just the top of its mask sticking out of the water.












Coming out of Hatteras we found out there was a change in weather.  After kicking around ideas on what to do we decided to continue on along our way outside into the Atlantic and hope for the best.  Hearing there were potential 50 knot winds in the squalls was a bit unnerving for me.  Oregon Inlet was also a concern as it is not marked on the charts due to the constant shoaling that happens there.  Stan found a recent survey from Corp of Engineers on the internet that showed some of the details but we were a still a little concerned.  Our guardian angel appeared when we got to Oregon Inlet in the form of a shrimp boat.  As we were going to turn into the channel, the boat was coming from the opposite channel and we waited to see if he would turn into where we were going.  Sure enough, how sweet it was.  The name of the boat was Sarah Brent and my son’s name is Brent.  We played follow the leader and did high fives as it ended up so easy.















Once we were in the Atlantic we somehow dodged all the squalls that were covering most of NC and offshore.  We had relatively calm seas, some rain, lots of lightening and little wind.  It made for a long night and we came into Norfolk at 7 am and were greeted by this….















and his backside looked like this…















And then we met up with him…












After all this excitement then getting into our slip and tied up, we were exhausted.  But we made it!

2 Responses to We made it into Norfolk!

  1. Lisa

    Just picked up our Back Cove 33 after a new paint job. Alexseal navy btotom paint looks perfect. Jarrett Bay, all service staff did a fantastic job in every respect. On time, under bid, overall great service. Take your boat to Jarrett Bay, meets all repair expectations and more.

  2. Clare

    Can’t wait to join you. I will blog along the way.