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Norfolk to Great Kills-trials & tribulations

Posted by on July 19, 2012

As I was writing an email to Lin and Susan about the trip it dawned on me that I should use it for our next blog so here goes my recap…

During last 6 hours the sonar went out to GPS, the tachometer came loose on port engine which knocked out engine synchronization, the radar went out (seemed to be heat related) 2 hours before we came in, issue with thruster again and then not enough juice at the dock to run much of anything.  Couple that with 2 A/C condenser leaks before we left leaving wet carpet (still wet) and the two of us tired, sweaty, smelly and exhausted.  Add to that, along the way we picked up hundreds and hundreds of MOTHS and are still chasing them out of every crack and crevice of the boat, inside and out.

Today’s Update:

Sonar fixed.

Tachometer has to wait until our next stop due to getting parts.

Radar started working again.  Note to crew; turn on the engine blowers en-route.

Sensor wires for the thruster battery charger that was installed incorrectly is now corrected and the batteries are charging

Mother Nature decided to send a nasty squall through that finally broke the heat wave.  Now it’s kinda chilly!

Stan has resolved the a/c condenser line issues (hopefully).

We are still chasing and killing moths.  Hopefully they aren’t laying babies that we will have to deal with later.

I guess this is what Stan meant when he said to Conrad, “we’ll resolve the issues and work on the “to do” list as we go.”

Next up on Sunday, the East River, Hells Gate and then into Long Island Sound.  I am coming home!



2 Responses to Norfolk to Great Kills-trials & tribulations

  1. MasterPlan

    Join us in November when we are back in your neck of the woods.

  2. Debbie

    This is what all of us boat lovers (but not boat owners) mean when we say it’s always better to have a friend that owns a boat than to own one yourself! No matter how much I love boating and believe me I do, this is a reminder to be greatful at times to be on terra firma.
    I will enjoy your adventures vicariously but still with great envy!! LMAO
    Get some moth balls from grandmas closet & please …
    Please keep the stories coming.
    Love u guys
    Deb xox