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Busy, Busy, Busy….

Posted by on November 7, 2012

Once again I am falling down on my blog postings but it’s been a bit crazy as of late.  First up we had the “Sandy” dance while in Portsmouth VA.  It started with a huge geographical game of musical boats as we all tried to jockey into place for our seat at the show.  I think the Air Craft Carrier going by 50′ off our side decks had to have been the coolest part of the whole experience.









As you all know we rode that out with no mishaps and thankfully our conditions were less than predicted.  Unfortunately, NJ, NY and CT weren’t so lucky and are still dealing with the aftermath.  Next up was once again a large geographical bottle neck of boats trying to get heading back down south on the ICW.  We again had no water underway as the new pump failed the first day, the toilet clogged and the shore power was screwed up so we had no heat (only about 40 degrees that night.)  Stan got his not too pleasantly delivered marching orders to get this stuff fixed so he has been working away on the new “to do quickly list”.

We still have a boat that is basically tossed from top to bottom with “stuff” that was brought inside so it wouldn’t blow away during Sandy.  It was kinda “why bother” as blow #2 is coming which thankfully blew by with little fanfare.  Once this rain stops the only excuse I will have now is that it is just too cold outside to want to venture out.  I am so missing the warm weather and am having flip flop withdrawals.   It may be a bit before we catch up to warm weather again.

Here is Stan with this evening’s project of putting together our new “weather station.”  The size of this thing was unexpectedly large, at least to me, and it is replacing our long ago broken one that was about 4″ x 4″.  Stan got tired of me harping on him to replace the broken one.  I guess he doesn’t understand my need to know the current wind speed.  After all, living on a boat and traveling in the ocean should be a tip off to him as to why I think it’s important.  Now I have a new item to try and figure out how to use.

Along with learning this one will be the new “AIS” system that we are getting on Friday which hopefully we will have installed sooner than later.  (Hint, Hint)


One Response to Busy, Busy, Busy….

  1. Debbie

    I’m just happy you’re both ok 😉