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Rolling, crashing, creaking and banging…

Posted by on November 13, 2012

Is what happens when you find yourselves unexpectedly in 8 foot seas.  Add a dose of seasickness and you get a good idea of how our latest 32 hours transit from Morehead City NC to Charleston SC turned out.  Thankfully the 8 foot seas occurred at night so we didn’t have the visual impact to go along with the feeling and hearing part of things.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper and was very glad to get docked at the Charleston Maritime Center.  The seas ended up bigger that predicted and since we were 30 miles offshore due to having to get around Cape Fear there was not a whole lot we could do.  Trying to sleep while off watch with all the added noise of stuff moving around and the random creaks and groan from this old gal (both old gals) did not help the situation.  Of course Stan can sleep through anything but I am not so lucky.  At the point in time when I asked what can we do, we were 30 miles offshore and about 30 miles from where the shore met us heading southwest so we kept on going.  Dawn brought some calming seas and by time we go to the offshore buoy in Charleston we were beginning to wonder if we just imagined it all.  Then I looked around and saw all the stuff that never moves, moved and I began playing 52 pickup.  My next task is to get out the earthquake putty and re-stick items that had been stuck before and stick all the items that never needed it in the past.  Amazing that nothing broke and once again our sturdy little ship came through for us.

Now we have to jockey 2 weather issues this week and next and get to Hilton Head SC.


4 Responses to Rolling, crashing, creaking and banging…

  1. MasterPlan

    ThanksTroy. Smooth would be nice especially after bouncing around here in the harbor like we are. How do you deal with it long term?

  2. Troy LeBoeuf

    Welcome to Charleston. I am on the schooner on the outside of the pier and love your yacht. Hope the next leg of your journey is a smooth one.

  3. MasterPlan


  4. Perry

    I am glad you made it safely…. :) sounded like fun!